Cake Recipes For This November Thanksgiving

Cake Recipes For This November Thanksgiving – If you’re looking for the BEST Thanksgiving cookie recipes and fall cookie recipes, you’ve come to the right place. This is cake recipes for this November thanksgiving.

We’ve made so many fall cookies over the years, and today we’re sharing our favorites!

Cake Recipes For This November Thanksgiving

Fall is my favorite season, and while I love the cooler temperatures and the beautiful changing leaves, the real reason may just be because of all the wonderful flavors of fall baking! Spices, caramel, pumpkin, gingerbread, and often just good old traditional favorites for the Thanksgiving dessert table.

Easy Turkey Cake Ideas For Thanksgiving

In today’s Thanksgiving Cake Recipe, we’re sharing a little bit of everything from new fall favorite flavor combinations for cakes and cupcakes to tried and true classic cake recipes that have been around for generations.

We hope you find a recipe you’d love to try this Thanksgiving! If you try any of these, be sure to share your comments and photos in the comments below! Have fun scrolling through!

A layer of delicious cinnamon cheesecake is sandwiched between two moist homemade pumpkin spice cake layers in this great fall recipe! So moist and delicious!

This moist Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake is incredibly flavorful and perfect for fall! A delicious combination of two autumn favourites.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

This delicious Snickerdoodle cookie has wonderful vanilla flavor with swirls of cinnamon and brown sugar. We have frosted the cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and topped with a homemade caramel drizzle – SO delicious!

This moist apple caramel cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting has a great combination of flavors – it’s the perfect fall dessert!

This moist, flavorful spice cake is flecked with bits of cherry and is frosted in a heavenly spiced cream cheese frosting.

This scratch Spice Cake with Orange Spice Cream Cheese Frosting is moist and fluffy and tastes great! We love this cake all year round but especially for fall and winter gatherings!

Traditional Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas


This moist, crunchy sweet potato cake is perfect for fall and a wonderful alternative to the traditional spice cake! We love it with spiced cream cheese frosting!

This Lemon Cheesecake Cake is heavenly! A layer of lemon cheesecake is sandwiched between two moist lemon buttermilk cake layers and frosted in lemon cream cheese frosting.

This easy, moist and DELICIOUS Orange Spice Cake with Orange Spice Cream Cheese Frosting has great flavor and is perfect for Thanksgiving, fall gatherings, or whenever you’re craving a spicy dessert!

This white chocolate cranberry cake has so much flavor! It has the perfect balance between tartness from the cranberries and sweetness from the white chocolate. This is a wonderful option for the holidays!


Corcoran Street Kitchen: Thanksgiving Ice Cream Cake

These pumpkin cupcakes are as delicious as they are sweet! Learn how to make easy pumpkin cupcakes too!

The combination of pumpkin and praline is out of this world! Everyone will love this moist, flavorful cake!

I love making ice cream cakes! Pick and choose your favorite flavors, but this combination is perfect for Thanksgiving!

This moist and delicious Gingerbread Latte Cake has the perfect balance of gingerbread and espresso flavor! This is the perfect choice for fall and winter vacation and entertaining!

Three Layer Thanksgiving Cake Recipe

This carrot cake is my FAVORITE cake, and one of our most popular recipes on the site! Carrot cake with crushed pineapple, pecans, coconut and spices!

Looking for a carrot cake recipe with a crusty cake mix? This is a great one! (Don’t miss our scratch version too!)

This German chocolate cake tastes amazing! Moist German chocolate cake layers with a flavorful coconut and pecan filling. This recipe is always a crowd pleaser!

This Caramel Apple Spice Cake has so much flavor from the apples, cinnamon, caramel and nuts! It’s always a favorite but I especially love it in the fall!

Delicious Thanksgiving Cakes

OOhhh this Caramel Vanilla Latte Cake has the perfect balance of vanilla, caramel and espresso! This Cake recipes for this November thanksgiving will please any crowd! Yum!

We love this simple, delicious caramel mousse filling! Chocolate cake and coal mousse filling are a match made in heaven! Yum!

Apples, walnuts, maple and spices – This amazing cake is full of flavor! We especially love this layer cake recipe for fall gatherings!

This amazing and easy to make Apple Spice Cream Cheese Frosting is so flavorful and is the perfect complement to spice cookies!

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes From A Dietitian

This moist and delicious apple spice cake starts with a simple cake mix! This is such a wonderful, easy recipe for fall, or when you’re in the mood for apple spiced goodness.

Pineapple Cake is always a favorite- You will love the moist yellow cake layers with a thick and flavorful (SIMPLE) pineapple & cream filling!

This cookie is a decadent, flavorful homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe paired with a heavenly pecan pie filling! This recipe is sure to become an instant favorite!

I’ve never met a half cake I didn’t love! This double chocolate version is SO easy to make but is so decadent!

Chai Pumpkin Cake With Maple Browned Butter Frosting.

This classic pound cake is so moist and easy to make! Our favorite! Serve just as it is, or dress it up with berries and cream!

This Almond Joy Cake is amazing! Decadent chocolate cake layers with a thick and flavorful coconut filling, frosted in rich ganache.

This Black Forest Cake from scratch is the best! Chocolate cake infused with cherry liqueur and filled with whipped cream and cherry filling!

Hummingbird cake is a classic! Such a tasty combination of bananas, crushed pineapple, nuts and a hint of cinnamon!

The Best Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

This Cake recipes for this November thanksgiving moist and flavorful pineapple coconut cake consists of homemade layers of pineapple cookies with a delicious pineapple filling and coconut cream cheese frosting!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake is always a popular choice no matter the season! You can’t go wrong with this recipe!

Moist and flavorful spice cake with pecan streusel topping! So good any time of the year but I love it for fall gatherings!

If you are interested in learning cake decorating, we would love for you to join us! Be sure to check out our Free Cakes section, including our free cake videos!

How To Make A Thanksgiving Dessert Table

If you want to learn even more about cake decorating, consider becoming a member of our site! Our members have full online access to the hundreds of cake decorating videos we’ve created over the years! Pie may be the traditional Cake recipes for this November thanksgiving dessert, but these five Thanksgiving-inspired cakes put a delicious spin on familiar flavors and textures that will have everyone questioning their old holiday traditions!

I grew up learning to make pies from my mom and eating them with my family every Thanksgiving. We always had French apple pie, lemon meringue pie, and pumpkin pie, with the occasional French silk thrown in there. They were always delicious, but honestly, pie never excited me.

Cake, on the other hand, now that annoys me! And since I love cake so much, I decided a couple of years ago it was time to make some changes to our Thanksgiving menu and include CAKE! I’ve spent the last few holiday seasons perfecting a handful of Thanksgiving-inspired cookies that I know you’ll love.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorites that are perfect for this time of year and make the perfect “Thanksgiving Cake” – first come first served:

Fall Cake Ideas For A Special Occasion

Sweet Potato Cake – sweet potato cake layer with roasted marshmallow filling, roasted pecan crunch and pecan buttercream.

The marshmallow filling for this was a no-brainer. I’m obsessed with the toasted marshmallow filling in myUltimate S’mores Cake.

And you know me, I love a good crunch in my cookies. Similar to my Butternut Squash Cake, I added toasted pecans between the layers. I also added the roasted pecans to the buttercream, in the form of a nut butter. You guys! I think you’re going to go crazy over this one (pun totally intended)!

The combination of textures and flavors in this cake makes it a winner in every way! If you need nut allergy options, I’ve also included them in the original recipe.

Best Thanksgiving Desserts

Pumpkin Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting – Moist pumpkin cake layers with chocolate ganache and maple cream cheese frosting.

This cake is made with a perfect combination of fall flavors that leave it moist and combine to bring out all the best flavors of the season in one amazing Thanksgiving cake.

Pumpkin Pie Cake – six layer pumpkin cake with roasted marshmallow filling, pumpkin pie filling, shortbread crumbs and vanilla buttercream.

I have divided the three layer pumpkin cake into six thin layers to maximize the amount of fillings I can add to the cake. I then used toasted marshmallow filling, Ryan’s mom’s pumpkin pie filling, and a shortbread crumb to fill each layer. The cake is then covered with my vanilla buttercream recipe.

Nutter Butter Oreo Turkey Cupcakes

This cake recipes for this november thanksgiving are French Apple Pie Cake – Layers of apple cider cake with shortcrust pastry frosting, apple pie filling, streusel crumble and vanilla bean buttercream.

The cake is inspired by my mom’s apple pie recipe, although it’s great when it comes to pie, you probably know by now that I’m not a huge pie fan. This cake takes all the best parts of her recipe, including the streusel crumble!

For my apple pie cake, I started with layers of apple cider cake. I recommend using a quality brand of apple cider. I actually got mine at Rowley’s Red Barnin Utah. The flavor is incredible and tastes more homemade than I could ever make myself.

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